Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine
Astragalus - Eleuthro - Rhodiola- FoTi
A deliciously light and floral elixir, the brew features Eleuthero, Rhodiola, Fo-Ti, and Astragalus which are herbs prized in TCM for their ability to increase strength, stamina, and vitality. These powerful plants are infused with Rose, Hibiscus, Ginger, Lemongrass, Roasted Brown Rice, smokey Oolong, fragrant Green Jasmine, and fresh Green Sencha teas.
  •  FINEST INGREDIENTS! Brewed with the very best of Mother Nature's pharmacy.
  •  PERFECT FOR THE FAMILY! A healthy replacement for juice, soda, coffee and energy drinks.
  •  LIFE FRIENDLY PACKAGING! Draft fresh taste in a format that is perfect for the gym, yoga studio and other places where bottles are forbidden!
  •  ARTISAN CRAFTED! Modern brewing methods and an ancient fermentation technique, results in a superior taste and a potent extraction of the therapeutic benefits of the herbs, teas, and spices 
Packed with a variety of detoxifying herbs, live enzymes, and amino acids to assist the liver and kidneys in eliminating toxins.
Healthy Gut
A highly probiotic beverage that helps balance your gut and provide relief from various abdominal disorders by reinforcing the system with live enzymes and beneficial bacteria.
Contains medicinal herbs and antioxidants that reduce inflammation and help minimize oxidative stress on cells damaged by exposure to environmental toxins.
Mood Boosting
Contains a variety of herbs, amino acids, antioxidants, probiotics and live enzymes that help balance the body systems and inhibit the release of the stress hormone cortisol. 
Improves Immunity  
A strong immune system is your body's greatest ally. Probiotics and herbal support help activate your natural defenses to fend off diseases and reduce cell damage.
Increases Energy   
With only 9g of sugar, there's no "sugar crash" while energizing herbs, nutrients, and live enzymes help increase hemoglobin levels in the blood, enhancing the flow of oxygen to the cells and tissue.
 Astragalus stimulates the immune system and has antioxidant effects that inhibit free radical production. In the body, free radicals damage cells and are linked to many health problems associated with aging.
Eleuthero is known to unblock the channels of energy through the body and is prized as a longevity herb that increases vitality and energy, and strengthens the blood, kidneys and liver.
Fo Ti
Fo-Ti is a revered longevity herb in TCM believed to increase vitality and mental acuity and help to stave off early effects of aging.
Rhodiola is considered to be an "adaptogen" - meaning it helps the body adapt to stress. It's powerful properties promote circulation, strengthen the nervous system, elevate your capacity for exercise, aid weight reduction and improve energy levels. 
Ginger is the most widely used herbal remedy on the planet.  This root improves the absorption and stimulation of essential nutrients in the body by stimulating gastric and pancreatic enzyme secretion and it can also help to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.
Rose Petals contain antioxidants, as well as, Vitamin A, C, D, and E and B. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rose petals are used for pain, menstrual disorders, and gastro-intestinal distress. Roses are considered to be a mild sedative with mood-enhancing agent.
Hibiscus is a power plant that is often called the Heart Flower due to its blood pressure lowering effects. Said to improve heart health and circulation, Hibiscus is full of anti-oxidants and polyphenols to combat cellular stress.
With its delicious lemony scent, lemongrass has been used as both a culinary and medicinal herb for thousands of years. This herb is known for treating digestive tract spasms, stomach ache, high blood pressure, rheumatism, fever, the common cold, and exhaustion. 
Oolong Tea
One of the most popular Chinese teas, Oolong tea is unique because of its partial oxidation which produces a diverse arrangement of both off-green and black leaves. Health claims for oolong tea's benefits include reduction of cholesterol levels, preservation of heart health, treatment of digestive disorders, strengthening of the immune system.
Genmaicha Tea
A flavorful Asian classic which combines Green Sencha with the sweet, toasted flavor of roasted organic brown rice.  Green tea is considered one of the world's healthiest drinks and contains the highest amount of antioxidants of any tea. The natural chemicals called polyphenols in tea are thought to provide its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effects.
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